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Learning difficulties

Learning difficulties 2

Learning difficulties, unlike peoples’ common belief, occupy a significant percentage of students. Children experiencing learning difficulties require special handling both by parents and by teachers. More and more teachers are invited to focus on children facing learning difficulties and problems at school.

Learning difficulties arise from neurological disorders and affect the understanding or use of language, spoken or written.

They can be manifested through the child’s inability to:

  • listen,
  • think,
  • speak,
  • write,
  • pronounce words, or
  • perform mathematical calculations


Some common signs of learning difficulties disorder are perceptual disorders, difficulty in concentration, and dyslexia.


Effective Handling of students with learning difficulties

Every person with learning difficulties is different. It presents a different combination of skills and needs. Although children with learning difficulties usually have average or above the average intelligence, their performance at school may be problematic.

This is why it is so important to have an early diagnosis of learning difficulties disorders. Of course, the general treatment of the individual with the learning difficulties at school is crucial to his progress. Teachers who handle children with learning difficulties, concentration difficulties or dyslexia must have the appropriate skills in order to handle them. Effective handling of children with learning difficulties and the application of sophisticated training methods are imperative needs.


Through a brief educational process, they will learn to recognize and effectively handle students with learning difficulties.

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