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Using digital technologies & media to foster the inclusion

An ETUCE webinar “Using digital technologies and media to foster the inclusion” organised on 29 April 2021 is the third one in the series “Education Trade Unions and Inclusive Schools: Addressing training needs of education personnel for inclusive education”. These series are implemented in the framework of ETUCE project “Education Trade Unions and Inclusive Schools: Embracing Diversity in Education”. Building on the results of the ETUCE online survey on inclusive education and the findings of the ETUCE research report ‘Embracing Diversity in Education’, the series of webinars aims to equip teachers, trainers, academics, and other education personnel and education trade unions with updated knowledge and competences on the effective development of inclusive learning environments. The third webinar provides knowledge and practical tools on discussing media with learners and using social media for inclusion, countering the ‘exclusion’ danger of social media, as well as using technologies as support to students with other mother languages and students with special needs.

The main achievements of our project was presented to the participants from 36 european countries (e.g. Belgium, UK, Norway, Sweeden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia, Armenia, Israel, Kazahstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Portugal etc) as best practice at european level.

Webinar recording is available on YouTube in EN, RU, FR

ETUCE Webinar “Using digital technologies and media to foster the inclusion”

Вебинар ETUCE «Использование цифровых технологий и медиа для укрепления инклюзивности в образовании»

Webinaire CSEE « Utiliser les technologies et les médias numériques pour…

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